Sep. 6th, 2006

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The catalogue of expectations a woman has of a man.
Bob would have liked to have watched the football game on Thanksgiving Day but that was not on Chrissy's vagenda.

Occurs while vacuuming. Fear of tripping over the cord and hitting your head on the corner of the coffee table.
Sharon claimed her severe case of vacuucoffophobia accounted for her house looking like a pigsty.

link farm
A person who can consistently produce, almost instantaneously, a URL related to any current topic of discussion; used especially during chat to make aware to the link farm himself, that perhaps he spends way too much time on the internet.
And: Did you ever see the Goonies?
Nad: Ooh yeah, look...
And: uh... thanks, link farm

Sitting around doing nothing much in particular, kinda like chewing your cud.
What are you doing tonight? Eh, I'm going home to vache.

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