Sep. 13th, 2005

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Мясная лавка
Прячась от дождя под навесом
Какая-то женщина ест сардельку
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Не гоните бабок от переходов метро
Пусть они продают свои сигареты
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Утром в поезде царят женщины
Просят мужчин потуже свернуть матрацы
Закинуть одеяла на верхнюю полку
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Жутко быть бедной!
Утром так хочется янтарного чая
В подстаканнике
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I changed my userpic. Since quite a few people expressed admiration for my original icon i decided to post the photo from which it was cropped.

achtung, explicit content )
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'princess eats duck'. from a book about egypt i bought for $1
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nyusha found a rather dried, mummified cat head in the street and ran around holding it in her mouth and looking happy. it took some bullying, yelling and kicking to make her drop this, and then she looked genuinely offended. poor doggy!

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