Jan. 20th, 2006

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все очень просто, я объясню тебе. я 8 лет ходил в школу, и всю дорогу был абсолютным ничтожеством и придурком. за 8 лет я не изменился, не научился вызывать у тех людей больше уважения, любви и т.д. на это должна была быть какая-то причина. я не показываю уродливую "маску" окружающему миру, я вхожу в искреннее состояние кретинизма, когда этот мир мне достаточно сильно не нравится. это очень глупо и вредно. и тем не менее это сработало, как стратегия - в школе я по крайней мере не умер. с людьми, которые способны меня оценить, я могу быть тонким, талантливым, умным, находчивым. но если ты хочешь быть грубым, ничего такого ты не увидишь. ты можешь быть грубым for all i care. я, типа, привык. и меняться мне влом
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there are books and there are books. there are people who read a good fat book in 3 hours, and claim to remember all the facts/details. and that sounds awful, and you don't envy them. no, you don't. it happens that you need to invest something to get a return. sometimes making an effort is such fun that you're tricked into believing there was no investment at all. but that doesn't change much.
one of my favorite books is the picture of dorian gray. i started to read it when i didn't know english - no more than some very basic grammar. it was spring time, i went to dacha and spent days watching radish sprouts and reading dorian gray. and first it took me a whole day to make a page or two. then i went to moscow, to my sister, and asked her all kinds of questions about the few pages that i'd read, some of them (questions) very silly.
reading at such a deep level, trying to grasp every word, doubting every expression, i эgrew' into the book at some point. it was as if i had been allowed into some secret/hidden dimension of it. i might have been reading a lot into this book, and i probably have, but it doesn't make it any worse. it makes it much better.

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fuck id, fuck it good and well


link stolen from [livejournal.com profile] istealcookies
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hun everybody loves your dog posts

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i told my brother and niece that i've been having an affair online.
-did you tell natasha, pervert?
-in fact i did
-who is she?
-a girl from canada
-is she pretty?
-that really depends on your tastes.
then ann asked: how old is she?

i don't know. i think that ann looked at me in a very expressive way at that point. fortunately, i happen to nearly always be taking pictures ... )
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ann and nastia had been photographed for some magazine a few months ago. i don't know if those pictures are to be published at all, but the glamour-ish photographer who'd been torturing them for a whole day let them take away only one picture, of ann. do you think it really has anything to do with ann?

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