Feb. 7th, 2006

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that's too awful, i have to post it

Sex Without Love by Sharon Olds )
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if i parted with my wife, i wouldn't marry again, probably. for one thing, now i know what it takes to get used to another person. and what common 'property' you amass in marriage, and what you're risking with a break-up. also, i have never met a person i would want to marry, consciously. i wouldn't marry my wife, if i met her today for the first time, and she wouldn't marry me. when we met, we were young enough to ignore common sense, and then undemanding and un-self-centred enough to take the pains of getting used to each other's idiosyncrasies. the fact that we did marry, and have managed to live together for many years, is the most crazy coincidence im my life. it's the most important alien factor, by which we both have gained and lost a lot, and i will never know for sure if we gained more than we lost.
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Epilogue by Louis Macneice

Rows of books around me stand,
Fence me in on either hand;
Through that forest of dead words
I would hunt the living birds -
So I write these lines for you
Who have felt the death-wish too,
All the wires are cut, my friends
Live beyond the severed ends.
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