Apr. 4th, 2007

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хочу какой-нибудь блин этот, как его? olympus om с хорошим стеклоm. говорят у него видоискатель громадный, а это самое главное.

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если кто хочет взять себе кошку на первых двух картинках, сообщайте

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i like people, what they are. how they express themselves, singers, dancers. i like how only a tiny portion of their bodies matters, a small portion in the upper part of their heads. and how, yet, expressive, desperately joyful the rest of their body is. i like the image of the body, hips in a photo somehow look smarter than the face, and how an ass, a pair of snickers, a hand seem to suggest so much more. and maybe the owner has that? but, looking at the face we get distracted by something else? i also like anonymous representations of women in corps de ballet, their ideal haircuts, ideal smiles and noses, knowing them better as persons would only add noise, and when a person who wields their perfect style like arms is being unmasked by a righteous person, i feel as if crime were being committed in front of me - the beauty in itself is true, and should never be ruined.....

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